Martin Morales

Martin Morales is the chef, restaurateur and founder of award-winning Peruvian restaurants Ceviche Soho, Ceviche Old St, Andina and Casita Andina in central London. He is the author of bestselling cookbook 'Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen', which has been translated into 10 languages and is the most widely-distributed cookbook on Peruvian food in the world. He regularly appears on TV shows such as Saturday Kitchen and Sunday Brunch, and has appeared on many Peruvian and European TV shows.

Martin is delighted to be involved in the UK CEO CookOff. “Food waste is one of the biggest issues facing our environment today, this event supports our ethos wholeheartedly. Plus, food education can change the way we eat, help our children be healthier and happier and reduce the strain on our NHS so their efforts can be used elsewhere. I can’t wait to boss a CEO around, get them to think with their hands and not their wallets, get their shirt and tie dirty and feed people that deserve all the love we can give them – real heroes."





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